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PTLA Gold Sponsor - The Expert Institute

The Expert Institute is a comprehensive legal tech platform that connects attorneys with expert witnesses for complex litigation matters. They operate across all practice areas and provide expert solutions to over 4,000 law firms nationwide. For a more in depth overview of their services, you can visit the How it Works section of their website.

The Expert Institute's core service offerings include:

  • Expert witness searches and referrals
  • Phone consultations with subject matter experts
  • Daubert / Frye challenge studies on opposing experts

Every expert The Expert Institute refers undergoes an in-depth screening process which includes conflict checks, background checks (board sanctions, malpractice claims, criminal records), and Daubert / Frye challenges. In 2017 and 2018, we were voted the “#1 Expert Witness Provider” by the National Law Journal, New York Law Journal, The Recorder, and many other top legal publications, in recognition of the quality of service we are providing to the legal community.

The Expert Institute is proud to be a sponsor of The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association and is offering all active members a standing 10% discount on expert witness searches. Members can submit an expert request directly on their website -