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What does TrialSmith offer lawyers?
TrialSmith is the nation's largest on-line deposition bank exclusively serving the plaintiff bar. If you are deposing an expert, TrialSmith is the first place to look for information on the expert: depositions, lawyers who have inquired about your expert, lawyers who have hot tips, insider messages, impeachment material, CVs, and other information useful in litigation research.

How much does it cost? What are the Subscription Plans?
There are three primary Subscription Plans to TrialSmith. Paid subscriptions give you preview privileges, while the Pro Plan allows you to read all transcripts completely before buying them -- perfect for the power users who want instant access to everything. Annual subscriptions do not automatically renew; you can upgrade your subscription at any time; all subscribers must be plaintiff lawyers.

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**Please note, if you are joining PTLA for the first time (new members only), your first year Economy Subscription is waived by TrialSmith). Call 800-443-1757 for details after you join PTLA.

Can I view documents on-line, and how long does it take if I need a copy?
Yes, you can view the entire transcripts in your Web browser, instantly. All documents are on-line so you can download transcripts 24 hours a day.

How do I pay for documents I purchase?
For your convenience, you may either keep a credit card on your account or be invoiced for purchases. Each week, you are also mailed a detailed transaction summary.

Can anyone access TrialSmith?
TrialSmith's sole purpose is to serve plaintiff lawyers. Defense lawyers, insurance companies and those representing defendants are prohibited from using TrialSmith.

Where does TrialSmith find its documents?
PTLA members and plaintiff lawyers from 67 participating associations contribute their deposition and document archives to TrialSmith. You may earn a $5 purchase credit for every deposition you contribute, plus you'll support the Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association.

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How does TrialSmith keep out defense lawyers?
Each user must complete a license agreement signifying, among other things, that s/he is a plaintiff lawyer.  TrialSmith verifies eligibility of each registrant with PTLA.

What if I have other questions?
Please call our offices at 1-800-443-1757 for personal assistance or email We're ready to serve you.

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