Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association Job Bank User Guidelines
The Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association (“PTLA”) Job Bank permits PTLA Members to advertise employment opportunities.  The positions advertised are listed in the language supplied by the member firm.  PTLA undertakes no responsibility, duty or obligation to verify or corroborate the opportunities or information listed, and PTLA does not do so.  All opportunities listed can be viewed by the public.  PTLA reserves the right to remove content from this job bank at any time for any reason.  It is the policy of PTLA not to permit the advertisement of salaries or salary ranges within the job listings.  PTLA is in no way responsible for the content or representations contained in any job listing or listings.
Job Bank Disclaimer
I certify that this application, my listing, and all information that I submit to the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association ("PTLA") is true and accurate.
In addition, I understand that my Listing WILL BE VIEWABLE BY THE PUBLIC, and that access to my Listing, resume, and other materials is NOT restricted to PTLA's members and/or subscribers.

I acknowledge and agree to the PTLA Job Bank User Guidelines.

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