The following resolution was adopted by the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers Association at the July 12, 2007, meeting of the Board of Directors:


It is resolved that:

  1. PTLA calls on all members and their firms to make a concerted commitment to diversity in the hiring practices of their law firms.
  2. PTLA establishes an ad hoc Diversity Committee, and the Committee and staff are charged with examining the diversity within our member firms, and reporting back to our Board at our Board Meetings with any findings and recommendations as to specific measures which our Association and members should be implementing so as to encourage and achieve increased diversity amongst our member firms.
  3. The PTLA Diversity Committee’s duties and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:
    a. Communicating with the career placement offices of local law schools for purposes of presenting  students with information concerning the work of trial lawyers, and seeking
          recommendations and advice concerning methods whereby member firms can improve diversity in their hiring practices;​

    b. Arranging for participation by PTLA in local minority job fairs and other recruiting opportunities;

    c. Developing a mechanism within PTLA by which positions can be advertised and potential employees can be identified by member firms seeking to hire additional lawyers; and

    d. Establishing lines of communication with the ethnic Bar Associations and societies so as to further promote the benefits of working as a trial lawyer, and to facilitate contact
        between attorneys seeking a position as a trial lawyer and member firms that may have positions available;

    e. Coordinating efforts with PTLA to promote diversity in member firms throughout the state; and

    f. Establishing a method by which progress concerning enhancements in the diversity of our membership can be measured.

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