Why do they do it?  

It can be the most grueling way to live your life as a lawyer.  Constant ups and downs.  Stories of pain and loss that keep you up night after night.  And when you get e close to trial, your life is not your own.  It’s the case.  Little time for family, for your friends, for taking clothes to the cleaners.  You have to make your family understand.  You are always dead tired.  Until you take a look at the jury for the first time, and the adrenaline takes over.

Plaintiff attorneys, and the citizens they fight for, play an indispensable role in our society.  A check and balance against companies that put dangerous products on the market, the few bad doctors in the profession who make mistakes on the operating table, corporate officials who lie to their stockholders, companies polluting our environment.  They are more important than ever at a time when government has taken a back seat in regulating the most powerful forces in our society.

To work for civil justice—so difficult at times—has its rewards as these champions of justice are telling you.  Think about it.  Talk to one of us.  Take an internship at a plaintiffs firm one summer during law school. 

A special look in the eye of a client when you tell her good news, protecting citizens in your community from future harm—
it’s like nothing else in the world.


I am a Trial Attorney.  Why I do what I do . . .


Trial attorneys are uniquely in a position to help individuals and families emotionally, financially and physically at the worst times of their lives and when they need it the most.  Whether the defendant is an individual, a corporation or an industry, we are there.  Not only do we help those who come through our door who need our assistance, but we help those who have not yet been harmed, and never will be, by ensuring changes in policies, practices and products.  There is no profession I would rather have, and I am grateful I have been able to dedicate my career to being a trial attorney.

Ken Fulginiti, Esquire



"• Asbestos • Dalkon Shield • Airbags • Seatbelts • Fentanyl Pain Patch • Safety Caps • Accutane • Child Safety Seats • Cribs • 
The list goes on and on.  These are just some of the many products that have been taken off of the market or changed because of trial lawyers’ efforts.  Lives are often shattered because of bad decisions that are made in corporate board rooms where profits are more important than safety.  Like the young woman we represent whose airbags didn’t deploy because the car manufacturer made a conscious choice not to fix a defect in the car that would have cost them only small change.  Instead they chose to cover up the problem despite knowing that lives could be lost.  They chose to play Russian roulette with the public. 
Trial lawyers keep big business in check and help to make the world safer.  In a courtroom, we as trial lawyers can level the playing field, advocating for and empowering these families, to help them get justice."

Nancy J. Winkler, Esquire


“With my clients, it is so often the story of David vs. Goliath.
When my clients come to my office, they are faced with fighting the giants of insurance companies and nursing homes.  They deprive my clients of the justice they seek and deserve.  They deny, delay, and drag out their cases.  Together we pick up the five smooth stones of truth, preparedness, hard work, commitment, and the courage to obtain justice.
Obtaining justice for my clients - that is why I am a trial lawyer.”

Rhonda Hill Wilson, Esquire



“Cases haunt me — trying to sleep, driving to work, on the treadmill.
Like Tucker Mahoney.  He was 17 when his Daisy BB gun went off, leaving him severely brain damaged.  The manufacturers called it a toy, but if they’re toys, they are lethal and those two words don’t go together.  In addition to a settlement to help Tucker’s family care for him, the Consumer Safety Protection Agency told the manufacturer to take 7.4 million of them off the market.
The civil justice system is our best check on the free enterprise system."

Shanin Specter, Esquire 

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