Joining one of PTLA’s committees is a great way to get involved in the association and meet fellow, like-minded peers.  From helping to organize Luncheon Lecture speakers, to engaging with other young lawyers, PTLA’s committees provide many opportunities to participate in our organization. 

Below is a full list of PTLA’s most active committees and the members that lead them.  Reach out and get involved - there’s something for everyone!  

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We believe the best practitioners in class actions and mass torts are located in Philadelphia and the surrounding region.  The Committee's goal is to foster more communication and greater relationships within our Philadelphia class action community.  Join the Class Action/Mass Tort Committee today and participate in issues that affect your practice in Pennsylvania.

Daniel C. Levin | Co-Chair |

Shanon Carson | Co-Chair |


The Diversity Committee, along with PTLA's Diversity Resolution and Best Practices Manual, was created in 2007.  Its goal is to ensure that PTLA promotes diversity in firms throughout the state, beginning with PTLA member firms.  The Diversity Committee pledges to communicate with the career placement offices of local law schools to provide students with information regarding the practices of trial lawyers.  Joining the Diversity Committee allows PTLA members to become directly involved in PTLA's initiative to improve diversity in law firms across Pennsylvania. 

Priscilla Jimenez, Esquire | Chair |


The Future Leaders Committee is comprised of lawyers who have been in practice less than ten years.  The Committee meets quarterly to review current legislation in Harrisburg, receive political updates from our lobbyists, support PTLA events, and organize the Annual Holiday Drive.  Joining the Future Leaders Committee is a great way for new, qualifying members to network and become involved in PTLA!

Sarah O. Schindler, Esquire | Chair |


Join the Membership Committee and spread the word about PTLA's goals and mission.  Three Membership teams work throughout the year soliciting new members and encouraging renewals.  This is a great way to learn more about PTLA and share the importance of belonging to PTLA with other trial lawyers.  Our strength is in numbers and in these difficult times we need every Philadelphia Trial Lawyer to join our ranks and present a united front in our quest to protect innocent victims from wrongdoers. 

Ronald A. Kovler, Esquire | Co-Chair |

Joshua Schwartz, Esquire | Co-Chair |


The Small & Solo Practitioners Committee provides a unique opportunity for firms with less than 10 attorneys to meet quarterly for informative round-table discussions directly relating to their practice.  The Committee invites speakers to share their expertise on advertising, communications, public relations, death & disability, office technology, and cyber security, to name a few subjects.  Joining this Committee is a great way to connect with your fellow trial lawyers and share the successes and difficulties of managing a small practice during this pandemic.   

Sarah F. Dooley, Esquire | Co-Chair |

David P. Thiruselvam, Esquire | Co-Chair |


PTLA's bi-monthly newsletter the Verdict, is published under the guidance of the Editorial Board.  The Editorial Board meets monthly to discuss ideas, create content, solicit authors, and write articles.  Along with practical legal tips, articles are published in the Verdict that reflect the important changes in the law and examine legal issues facing Philadelphia Trial Lawyers.  If you are interested in sharing your ideas or writing an article, contact the PTLA office at (215) 732-2256.  Click here for the current issue!

Sarah F. Dooley, Esquire | Editor-in-Chief |

Contact the PTLA Office for more information: (215) 732-2256.

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